Ashley Olafsen: An engaging, powerful, and authentic speaker.

Ashley has spoken at Yale, UMass Amherst, Brown, as well as a variety of conferences. 

Duality and Influence of the Media

MASSCUE Education & Technology Conference, Foxborough MA. 
October 2014.

Have Ashley Speak at Your Event!

Unhealthy Relationships

MOVE Workshop, Hopkinton MA. January 2017.


What Do People Say About Ashley?

"Ashley Olafsen is a dynamic, powerful speaker. As the lead organizer of [email protected], I have had the opportunity to work closely with Ashley, as she served as speaker at our inaugural event in Burlington, Massachusetts. Ashley is not only a poised professional, she is engaging, confident, and her message resonates with a youth audience. I recommend her highly for any speaking engagement aiming to connect with young people." - Jenn Scheffer, Lead Organizor of [email protected]


"Ashley captivated the hearts and minds of 2000 educational professionals during her CUEByte speech on the duality of media... She was passionate and empowering, moving the entire audience to their feet. She truly is a change maker." - Rayna Freedman, MASSCue Board Director

"Connecting with Ashley was by pure luck, but I believe that God had a plan for us to cross paths and I am so glad we did! After learning about her work with girls, I knew she would be the perfect addition to our celebration of self-love event. She was amazing! She connected with the women and shared some of her own experiences, making everyone feel comfortable, understanding and empowered.  She is such an amazing speaker and truly sincere. Two words to describe her, GIRL POWER!" - Samary Polnett, Beauty Is You CT Founder


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