Hi, I'm Ashley Olafsen! 

I speak with Middle School, High School, and College Students about:

Body Image,

Mental Health,

& Relationships

I also speak with parents and educators who want to learn how to support teen self-esteem, body image, and mental health.

"Ashley is extremely poised, passionate, and engaging. By incorporating her personal experiences into her presentations, Ashley makes difficult topics more relatable and easier to understand. When she speaks, I want to listen."

Workshop Participant and Student

Ashley's Speaking Topics

10 Steps Towards Body-Positivity

Ashley will acknowledge the challenges of self-esteem, and
also share relevant and meaningful tips on how to better
appreciate yourself and your body, including viewing yourself as a work in progress.


Mental Health Breakdown

Ashley will outline common mental illnesses including:
Depression, Anxiety, and BiPolar Disorder. Participants will
learn how to support their friends struggling with mental
health conditions, and also how to ask for help themselves.
Additionally, Ashley can cover eating disorders in an
accessible way.


Relationships 101:

Consent, Healthy/Unhealthy
Relationships, & More

Ashley will describe common characteristics of both healthy
and abusive relationships, using personal experiences
combined with research. Participants will also learn about
consent in an honest, realistic, and informative way.


"Ashley Olafsen is a dynamic, powerful speaker. As the lead organizer of [email protected], I have had the opportunity to work closely with Ashley, as she served as speaker at our inaugural event in Burlington, Massachusetts. Ashley is not only a poised professional, she is engaging, confident, and her message resonates with a youth audience. I recommend her highly for any speaking engagement aiming to connect with young people."

Jenn Scheffer
Lead Organizer of [email protected]

Next Steps...

Get in touch with Ashley to discuss what topic best suits your event! All workshops are scheduled at your convenience and can be customized. During every workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discuss topics through meaningful conversations and activities. Ashley will also share personal experiences and strategies.

"Ashley captivated the hearts and minds of 2000 educational professionals during her CUEByte speech on the duality of media... She was passionate and empowering, moving the entire audience to their feet. She truly is a change maker."

Rayna Freedman
MASSCue Board Director

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