"Ashley Olafsen is a Dynamic, Powerful Speaker."


"When I was 15 years old, I was concerned and angry that no one was speaking about the challenges my friends and I were facing. So I decided to become the person I needed, and I started speaking up." 

10 Steps Towards Body-Positivity

Ashley will acknowledge the challenges of self-esteem, and
also share relevant and meaningful tips on how to better
appreciate yourself and your body, including viewing yourself as a work in progress.

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Mental Health Breakdown

Ashley will outline common mental illnesses including:
Depression, Anxiety, and BiPolar Disorder. Participants will
learn how to support their friends struggling with mental
health conditions, and also how to ask for help themselves.
Additionally, Ashley can cover eating disorders in an
accessible way.

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Relationships 101:

Consent, Healthy/Unhealthy
Relationships, & More

Ashley will describe common characteristics of both healthy
and abusive relationships, using personal experiences
combined with research. Participants will also learn about
consent in an honest, realistic, and informative way.

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Strategies for Entrepreneurial

How to Grow Your Passion into a

Participants will walk away with more confidence in
themselves and their ability to build a business from the
ground up. Participants will also learn the legal aspects of
running a business.

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Growing up, I was shy and quiet in public. In 7th grade though, when I joined theater, that all changed. I discovered I have a passion in public speaking. And when I was 15, my enthusiasm for speaking developed an urgent sense of purpose when I realized the need for open and honest conversations about self-esteem, mental health, and relationships.

I didn't expect the outpouring of support I received when I directed my first workshop for a group of 8th grade students.

Today, I have delivered over 70 workshops to schools all over New England. This past summer, I directed my 5th week-long summer program, and I've spoken on powerful platforms including TEDx, Huffington Post, NBC Boston, and more.

The movement I created has helped thousands of people achieve confidence and body-positivity, and I am ready to help even more people by continuing to speak on news/media platforms, at conferences, organizations, and more.

Who does Ashley speak to?

  • Schools

  • Educators

  • Sororities

  • More

"Ashley Olafsen is a dynamic, powerful speaker. As the lead organizer of TEDx[email protected], I have had the opportunity to work closely with Ashley, as she served as speaker at our inaugural event in Burlington, Massachusetts. Ashley is not only a poised professional, she is engaging, confident, and her message resonates with a youth audience. I recommend her highly for any speaking engagement aiming to connect with young people." 
- Jenn Scheffer, Lead Organizer of TEDx[email protected]
"Ashley captivated the hearts and minds of 2000 educational professionals during her CUEByte speech on the duality of media... She was passionate and empowering, moving the entire audience to their feet. She truly is a change maker." 
- Rayna Freedman, MASSCue Board Director
"Connecting with Ashley was by pure luck, but I believe that God had a plan for us to cross paths and I am so glad we did! After learning about her work with girls, I knew she would be the perfect addition to our celebration of self-love event. She was amazing! She connected with the women and shared some of her own experiences, making everyone feel comfortable, understanding and empowered.  She is such an amazing speaker and truly sincere. Two words to describe her, GIRL POWER!"
- Samary Polnett, Beauty Is You CT Founder


"Ashley led a meaningful, informative and fun presentation for our chapter. She was very open about sharing her experience with body image issues, which many of our sisters could relate to. We had an open and honest conversation about this topic which left us feeling empowered and confident!"
- Lexi G, Alpha Epsilon Phi at Boston University President

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