Hi, I'm Ashley.

I develop programs for teenagers that build self-esteem and leadership skills.  

Programs for Schools:

The Leadership Intensive

A hands-on program designed to empower young women and give them the tools to make a positive impact.

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Let's Talk About It

A 10-part online video series designed for MS and HS wellness classrooms. Focusing on SEL topics including Mental Health, Relationships, and Body Image.  

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Meet Ashley

Growing up, I struggled with body image, poor self-esteem, mental health challenges, relationships, and more. After realizing that all of my friends were facing the same challenges, I decided to do something.

So, at age 16, I gave a workshop to a group of 8th grade girls. We talked openly and honestly about self-esteem, media representation, and body image. 

Today, I have given more than 100 workshops, and have directed six week-long summer programs through my organization MOVE, LLC.

Currently, I spend my time investing in student well-being through my Leadership Intensive and Let's Talk About It. 

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"Ashley has changed the way I look not only at my body but at my life. I find myself proud to be who I am, and confident enough to take on any opportunity or goal that comes my way"

14 Years Old

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The Leadership Intensive Let's Talk About It

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