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Takeaway #1: Strategies for Better Body Image

Learn the strategies for body-positivity Ashley has used in her curriculum for the past 5 years to help thousands of girls feel confident in themselves and their bodies.


Takeaway #2: How To Help A Friend With A Mental Health Condition

Mental health challenges are often stigmatized as something to be ashamed of, especially in middle school and high school. Ashley teaches the healthy, effective way to offer and ask for help.


Takeaway #3: Notes On Healthy Relationships

Knowing how to communicate effectively about consent and problems is crucial for personal development and maintaining happy, healthy relationships.


See what we've accomplished

Here are some photos of Ashley's past workshops held at public schools in New England. In releasing her new online workshop, she has opened up her work to the rest of the world. Now, anyone can learn to become confident and body-positive through a 90-minute, 10-part series.

Ashley's Mission:

Ashley has helped thousands of girls over the past 5 years. Her mission is to continue helping middle school and high school aged girls reach confidence and body-positivity through empowerment and education.

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