Ashley Olafsen: Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Female-Empowerment Leader

Specializing in Teen Self-Esteem, Body Image, Mental Health, and Relationships.




"Ashley Olafsen has made it her life mission to publicly help people with their self confidence, a topic that is usually discussed behind closed doors. Until recently, self confidence was something you either had or didn't have. Ashley Olafsen is defying that concept by making self confidence something everyone can achieve, no matter who they are. In the past few years, Ashley has helped not only other people, but herself progress from being in a place where they felt that they made no difference in the world, to being in a place where they could never even imagine how and/or why they were in that awful place to begin with...I honestly thank Ashley for not only helping me find the ability to be self confident, but for helping so many people with a smile. Her ability to do all this work with such grace is something I truly admire about Ashley and that is a quality I hope to instill in myself."

16 Years Old

About Ashley

Growing up, I struggled with body image, poor self-esteem, mental health challenges, poor relationships, and more. After realizing that all of my friends were facing the same challenges, I decided to do something.

So, at age 16, I gave a workshop to a group of 8th grade girls. We talked openly and honestly about self-esteem, media representation, and body image. After that, my enthusiasm for speaking developed into an urgent sense of purpose.

Today, I have been professionally speaking for over six years.

I have given more than 100 workshops and presentations to audiences as large as 4,000.

I have also directed six week-long summer programs with MOVE, LLC, and have spoken on powerful platforms including TEDx, Huffington Post, and NBC Boston.


"Connecting with Ashley was by pure luck, but I believe that God had a plan for us to cross paths and I am so glad we did! After learning about her work with girls, I knew she would be the perfect addition to our celebration of self-love event. She was amazing! She connected with the women and shared some of her own experiences, making everyone feel comfortable, understanding and empowered. She is such an amazing speaker and truly sincere. Two words to describe her, GIRL POWER!"

Samary Polnett
Beauty Is You CT Founder

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